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We're creating a community where inclusivity is a standard – not a benefit. If you're living with a disability, we invite you to join us as we ditch the "dis" and help you to focus purely on your individual ability.  

COVID-19 News Flash

We're here to help you and your carers as Australia does its best to recover from COVID-19.
Find up to date guidelines on the NDIS website, including COVID-19 information for people with disability.

Yoga for every BODY.

You should never feel left out or discouraged for wanting to move forward. We advocate for inclusivity and access to yoga programs for all: whatever size, shape, ability, culture, or gender. Our adaptable teaching techniques support a modern lifestyle and a spectrum of movement.

All Ability Yoga is designed for every BODY!

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices. It paves the way to understanding the multi-dimensional nature of ourselves, as a whole human. 

Essentially body, breath and mind unite. 

If practiced regularly, yoga is proven to benefit health and wellbeing – physical, emotional, mental and social.

5 Areas of Disability

Brain or Brain-related Injury

Our services specialise across the 5 areas of disability. We are committed to giving individuals with a disability access to adaptable yoga programs. We do this to support their modern lifestyle and spectrum of movement.

10 Health Benefits of Yoga 

✓ Reduced stress
✓ Less anxiety
✓ Enhanced focus
✓ Increased flexibility
✓ Clearer thoughts
✓ Stronger core
✓ Increased general strength
✓ Resilience to cope with daily worries
✓ Frequent feelings of joy & happiness
✓ Feel more "in control" of your mind & body.

We work with your (dis)ability.

We respect every style of yoga, but some people need different. So we've created different! All Ability Yoga supports your spectrum of movement. Enjoy the same benefits to your mental health and wellbeing everyone else does, without the pressure to bend over backwards or balance on your head.


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Find your ability, starting today.